Club Penguin Improvement Project? TOP SECRET!!!

March 7, 2008

club penguin improvement project 01

We learned about an improvement project that is underway for Club Penguin. A strange website has popped up and is accessed by going to the url:

When you get to the site, there is a secret access door. To activate the door and receive the message, click on the eye scanner.

club penguin improvement project 02

When the door opens, you will see a live countdown clock that will tell you how much time there is left until the launch of the project. In case you’re not good at math, we did it for you. The date is counting down to Monday, March 10, 2008.

club penguin improvement project 03

Check back for updates to this hot new development as they will be posted as soon as we have the news. If you have any ideas what this “improvement project” is all about, go ahead and post your comments!!

More on this Top Secret Improvement Soon!!

~ Lime310 ~

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Club Penguin – NEW Aqua Grabber Game! (How to get the Golden Ship Wheel Pin)

February 19, 2008

The new mini-game Aqua Grabber was released today on Club Penguin! Your penguin gets into the Aqua Grabber built by Gary the Gadget Guy and you have to retrieve five (5) missing parts of Rockhopper’s Migrator Ship from the crash site underwater. The entrance to the game is located on the iceberg. Overall the new game is a lot of fun. But be prepared, it’s very slow moving and it will take some patience and time to get all the pieces of the ship recovered. Stick with it and you’ll be able to do it!!

Here are some pics from the game. It’s pretty easy to find all the parts. Once you find a part, you have to pick it up with the claw of the Aqua Grabber and put it into the net that’s floating near the surface of the water.

aqua grabber

The one that was the hardest to find was Rockhopper’s Journal. To find it, first go all the way to the bottom then all the way to the right. You will see a very narrow chamber in the ice that you will have to go up and into. In there you will find Rockhopper’s Journal. Be careful and go slow so you don’t bump the sides of the Aqua Grabber and crash it!

rockhopper journal

Throughout the game, you have to make sure that the Aqua Grabber has enough air. It is powered by air bubbles. You can replentish your air by taking the Aqua Grabber up to the top of the water. There are also some large air bubble vents at the bottom that have giant size air bubbles coming out of them. Here’s a pic of the giant air bubble that you have to catch…

giant air bubble aqua grabber air bubble club penguin

Here is one of the vents on the bottom where the giant air bubble comes out of. All you have to do is let a giant air bubble touch the Aqua Grabber and the chamber fills back up inside with air. When you see water rising inside of the glass top of the Aqua Grabber… head for some air before it fills all the way with water; you will lose a life and a ship if it does!

club penguin aqua grabber air vent

When you’ve collected all the missing parts of the ship, this is the animation that comes on to the screen.

aqua grabber game club pengin end of game animation you win

At the end of the game, a window opens that says YOU WIN!! Be sure to wait for all the animation to load. When it does, you will be able to click on and receive a special GOLDEN SHIP WHEEL PIN.

golden ship wheel pin on club penguin aqua grabber game prize

The pin gets added to your inventory and you can then wear it on your player card just like any other pin. Here’s what the pin looks like on my player card:

GOLDEN SHIP WHEEL PIN hidden item on club penguin

Have fun playing and post your comments here about what you think of the new game!! How many times did you have to play the game to get the pin? I was lucky and did it on my first try!!

Later Meeps!

~ Lime310 ~

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Join the MEEP Around Club Penguin!

January 6, 2008

Ever since the New Year on Club Penguin arrived there have been MEEP PARTIES popping up all around the island! Penguins all around the island have been in a mood to celebrate, have fun and have a great time MEEPIN’!! I’ve run into some cool Meepers doin’ their own meep thing on different servers and all different times of day! Like this line of Meepers at the dock…Wow! Now there’s a whole lot of meepin’ goin’ on!!!


More fun MEEPs…


MEEPs take a bow…

Lime310 Meep Bow

If you haven’t tried joining a MEEP PARTY yet, it’s not too late. We have MEEP PARTIES year round on Club Penguin and any penguin is welcome to join the party anytime!! Better yet, if you don’t see a MEEP PARTY goin’ on anywhere, go ahead and start your own! It’s really easy… all you have to do is MEEP!!

Later Meepers!! Have fun!


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Club Penguin Rocking New Year!

January 2, 2008

New Year’s Eve was an awesome night on Club Penguin! It didn’t much matter what server you were on, every time it turned midnight somewhere on Earth penguins everywhere were shouting out “Happy New Year!!” and wishing their fellow penguins peace, fun, happiness!

So many penguins were talking and wishing a Happy New Year to each other at the same time, and the comments were popping up so quickly, it was like watching fireworks!!

In case you didn’t get a chance to be there, here’s a photo taken at the Dock on New Year’s Eve… are you in there anywhere?


Hope everyone has a GREAT 2008!!!

Later Meepers!!!


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Club Penguin Theater :: Secrets!!

December 30, 2007


The Stage at Club Penguin has a new production called THE TWELFTH FISH – CLASSIC POETRY IN OCEAN. Besides that whole area of the plaza being decorated for the holidays, there’s some pretty cool stuff hidden inside on the stage!

All the scenery on the stage has been changed for the new show and there is a new script. The stage is split up into two sides like last time. On the left is a daytime ocean scene with a blue sky, sun and clouds and on the right is a night time garden scene. I wish they made that blue water carpeting so I could put it in my igloo!! This is what it looks like:

club penguin stage

Click on the “moon” that’s in the sky on the garden side… you get a pizza!

club penguin pizza secret

Now click on the clouds and the sun and watch what happens! You get a yellow puffle for the sun, a hydro-hopper tube, bag of coffee beans and fluffy the mullet instead of the clouds!!

club penguin secret stage

Have fun changing everything around and don’t forget to show all your friends! It’s awesome!!

Oh, and I almost forgot, the “wild” yellow puffle that’s loose in the theater is still there. If you click on the two-puffles at the top of the stage, it will pop up in either the right or left side balcony.

Later Meepers!!


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Club Penguin Christmas Party… ROCKS!

December 27, 2007


The Christmas Party on Club Penguin this year rox! Just about every major area has been changed to have holiday theme buildings and decorations! One of my favorite areas is the Forest. Train tracks and bridges have been added and are rolling through the wilderness there. And there’s a new mini village set up in the center.

Did you catch the trains that are “hidden” and run on the tracks? To get them to come out of hiding, click on any of the train tracks where they start or end; you’ll hear a train whistle sound and then a train comes rollin’ out on the tracks. Here’s what it looks like with the trains rollin’… AWESOME!


Also, check out the antique lanterns that have been added around town. If you click on the “lantern” on top of any of the posts they turn on. Yet another cool gem hidden by the guys who design Club Penguin… they rock!

The “free items” available at the party are the “christmas scarf” at the Ski Village, and the “reindeer antlers” at the Dock. The first day the antlers were out, there were a bunch of penguins who turned into “reindeer” and were pulling the Santa Sleigh that’s at the cove. Very lol…


Looks like this party will continue right up until the New Year, and this week’s newspaper promised even more surprises before it’s over, so hurry on to be a part of history at Club Penguin Christmas Party 2007!!!

Later Meepers!!



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BIG PROTEST on Club Penguin!!

December 7, 2007

Well, the servers keep freezing up and crashing away today on Club Penguin! This sparked a protest of many penguins who were on Mammoth at the dock. Check this out!!!

Lime310 at protest on mammoth dock

Everyone is speculating and blaming Disney for all the problems. Many penguins are saying they want the “old” Club Penguin back because it didn’t crash the computer. Penguins are “booing” Disney and saying “say no to Disney!”

There are also many penguins who are unhappy that the heart, skull and flower emotes have been removed. Many penguins are speculating that Disney was the reason behind this change too. The Club Penguin developer blog had stated that the flower emote would be back today, along with some other new emotes. But that has not happened yet.

Why so many problems with the servers? Why so many changes? No one knows yet for sure but one thing is certain… there’s a lot of penguins mad at Disney and a lot of penguins that are mad that the game is not working well anymore.

Lime310 at the dock protest on Mammoth

Later Meepers


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Servers Crashing on Club Penguin!

December 7, 2007

On December 6th the Disney logo was added to the start page of Club Penguin. Surprising as this was, what was even more surprising is how often the server freezes up while you’re online now! While playing last night, some friends and I had to keep logging off and logging on over and over again because our screen would freeze and we could not move or type. Finally it was just too much so we quit playing!!

Not sure what exactly is happening or why this is happening, but a lot of penguins are noticing and complaining about it!! And it sure makes it hard to have fun on Club Penguin.

Here’s a few photos that show what it looked like on my screen when the server froze. I’m showing you so you know what it is if it happens to you.

Here I was editing my penguin…

Lime310 server froze up on club penguin

Here the screen turned black completely… pretty freaky!

Lime310 club penguin crashed my browser

One things for sure, Club Penguin has changed forever and right now it’s not for the better! Let’s hope for improvement and some words from the developers telling us what’s really going on.

In other news, I’m sure you already know that the new clothing catalog came out. There’s a lot of fun new clothing and some old stuff too, like the elf costume. I was surrounded by elves at the dock on Mammoth this morning… crazy!!

Lime310 and elves at the dock on mammoth server

In addition to the new clothes, the red guitar is hidden in the catalog again. The new pin is a holly leaf and berry. Have fun finding it and getting some of the new stuff to wear!

Later Meepers!!


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Yellow Puffle Day on Club Penguin!

November 30, 2007


Wow!! The Yellow Puffles have come to Club Penguin!!

Wow, check it out! Every room on Club Penguin is just full of people with Yellow Puffles!! If you’re a CP Member, you can buy one now in the Pet Shop. Sadly, if you’re not a member, you will not be able to get one.


As promised, here’s a pic of how the YELLOW PUFFLES dance… they sing!! Here’s me with Redmilo early today, we were some of the first penguins to adopt a yellow puffles and took them down to the Dock on Mammoth with us…

lime310 with singing yellow puffle on club penguin

I’ll try to get some more pics up of YELLOW PUFFLE DAY on Club Penguin… until then…


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Yellow Puffle Update – Adopt ’em this Friday!!

November 29, 2007

Club Penguin Yellow Puffle Adoption Lime310

In case you missed the notice in the Club Penguin Newspaper this week, it’s been announced that we will be able to adopt YELLOW PUFFLES starting Friday, November 30th!!

Congratulations to us all for rounding up enough YELLOW PUFFLES in the puffle round-up so we can adopt them!! It’s going to be fun to learn and see the personality of the YELLOW PUFFLE and also what kind of dance they do. Since all the puffles have a different kind of dance move.

Looks like another busy month coming up on Club Penguin! There’s going to be something new going on every week in December!

Here are the dates for upcoming events on Club Penguin…

Friday, November 30th
New Pet Catalog…
YELLOW PUFFLES up for adoption!

Friday December 7th
New Clothing Catalog
New Pin Hidden!

Friday, December 14
New Furniture Catalog
Coins for Change Begins

Friday, December 21
Christmas Party begins
New Pin Hidden!

Have fun!


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