Yellow Puffle at the New Theater!

There’s a YELLOW PUFFLE that lives at the new Theatre in the Plaza.
You can see it anytime just by doing this:

1. Enter the Theater.

2. Roll your mouse over the happy/sad puffle faces plaque that’s at the top center of the stage.
Try not to “click” on the faces because it will make your penguin move and trick won’t work.

3. Look up into the balcony on the right or left side of the stage and watch the YELLOW PUFFLE appear!!!

4. If you climb up into the balcony on either side of the stage, the YELLOW PUFFLE will pop up next to you, look around, bounce and then drop back down and disappear. COOL!!!

You can do this any number of times and the YELLOW PUFFLE will appear over and over again! This is SO fun! Here’s a pic to show you where to put your mouse cursor…

Yellow Puffle - Hidden Item - Club Penguin Theater Stage

Do this as many times as you like and the YELLOW PUFFLE
will keep appearing each time you try it!

I posted more SECRETS about HIDDEN ITEMS at the Club Penguin Theater
so be sure to check them out too so you’re in the “know!” As of the time

Have fun with this TRICK and with the YELLOW PUFFLE!!

Later MEEPERS!!!

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