What is “MEEP?”

Want to join our MEEP PARTY?

Wondering what MEEP is or what MEEP means? MEEP can mean just about anything and if you come to one of our parties you can see for yourself. MEEP is probably more than anything, a way for a penguin to do what what comes naturally… have fun and be around lots of friends. MEEP PARTIES can be found on the MAMMOTH server either at the DOCK or in the TOWN.

Here’s a pic I took at a MEEP PARTY we had today in the TOWN on MAMMOTH…

club penguin meep party with Lime310

This is another pic of the MEEP PARTY in the TOWN on MAMMOTH… check out Munky101 in front, she’s an allstar MEEPER…

Club Penguin Meep Party with Lime310

We also got invited to Nonster50’s Igloo. So being MEEPERS we’re always looking for a fun place to have a MEEP PARTY!! His igloo was the DOJO style igloo that decorated really cool and he was playing CHRISTMAS MUSIC in there!!! How did he do that?? We have no idea but it was awesome!! If you ever get invited by him or see his igloo on the map, my advise is GO CHECK IT OUT!!

Club Penguin Meep Party with Lime310, Christmas Party, Club Penguin

So if you’re ever feeling a little bored, or not knowing what else to do while you’re on Club Penguin, come join us for a meep or two and have a lot of fun! You don’t have to be famous or popular, just be yourself. It’s always fun to see who shows up and joins the MEEP PARTY and we see a lot of people over and over again who are not even on our buddy list! So it’s a cool way to have more friends on Club Penguin without ever having to worry about what to do if someone from your buddy list isn’t online.

I’ve been dressing my penguin up like this lately. But I also have a lot of items and will change into different things. Like I’ll put one of the sombrero hats on and serve everyone fresh TACOS or something else fun like that.

Club Penguin Party Lime310

Hope to see at a MEEP PARTY soon!


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6 Responses to “What is “MEEP?””

  1. munky101 Says:

    WOW…..THANKS…..Your an “ALL STAR MEEPER ” too Lime.
    MEEP MEEP !!!!!!!!

  2. Redmilo Says:

    uggghhh… I wasnt invited??? jk. I didnt know you had a wordpress. anyways, meep till you drop

  3. lime310 Says:

    Redmilo…. you’re always invited dude!!! You can meep with the best of ’em and you know it!! ; )

  4. munky101 Says:

    Redmilo….you’re an “ALL STAR MEEPER” too….YOU ROCK !!!!!!!
    MEEP MEEP !!!!!

  5. Redmilo Says:

    lol, Anyone who joins a meep party can be called an “all star meeper” Someone whos never been to one and is reading this feel free to join a meep party today! =){meep}

  6. lime310 Says:

    Well said Redmilo!! It’s true!! Anyone can join a “MEEP PARTY” and the more that join the more fun we have! Besides that, Redmilo always brings the pie… and you don’t want to miss out on that! 😉

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