Yellow Puffle Update – Adopt ’em this Friday!!

Club Penguin Yellow Puffle Adoption Lime310

In case you missed the notice in the Club Penguin Newspaper this week, it’s been announced that we will be able to adopt YELLOW PUFFLES starting Friday, November 30th!!

Congratulations to us all for rounding up enough YELLOW PUFFLES in the puffle round-up so we can adopt them!! It’s going to be fun to learn and see the personality of the YELLOW PUFFLE and also what kind of dance they do. Since all the puffles have a different kind of dance move.

Looks like another busy month coming up on Club Penguin! There’s going to be something new going on every week in December!

Here are the dates for upcoming events on Club Penguin…

Friday, November 30th
New Pet Catalog…
YELLOW PUFFLES up for adoption!

Friday December 7th
New Clothing Catalog
New Pin Hidden!

Friday, December 14
New Furniture Catalog
Coins for Change Begins

Friday, December 21
Christmas Party begins
New Pin Hidden!

Have fun!


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3 Responses to “Yellow Puffle Update – Adopt ’em this Friday!!”

  1. rainpebble Says:


  2. azuzephre231 Says:

    hey lime! cool site!
    check out mine..
    and if u have youtube, sub to me.

  3. thefulla Says:

    ya ya makle some noise!!!

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