Yellow Puffle Day on Club Penguin!


Wow!! The Yellow Puffles have come to Club Penguin!!

Wow, check it out! Every room on Club Penguin is just full of people with Yellow Puffles!! If you’re a CP Member, you can buy one now in the Pet Shop. Sadly, if you’re not a member, you will not be able to get one.


As promised, here’s a pic of how the YELLOW PUFFLES dance… they sing!! Here’s me with Redmilo early today, we were some of the first penguins to adopt a yellow puffles and took them down to the Dock on Mammoth with us…

lime310 with singing yellow puffle on club penguin

I’ll try to get some more pics up of YELLOW PUFFLE DAY on Club Penguin… until then…


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One Response to “Yellow Puffle Day on Club Penguin!”

  1. mohd222 Says:

    awesome site lime! thxs! =)

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