BIG PROTEST on Club Penguin!!

Well, the servers keep freezing up and crashing away today on Club Penguin! This sparked a protest of many penguins who were on Mammoth at the dock. Check this out!!!

Lime310 at protest on mammoth dock

Everyone is speculating and blaming Disney for all the problems. Many penguins are saying they want the “old” Club Penguin back because it didn’t crash the computer. Penguins are “booing” Disney and saying “say no to Disney!”

There are also many penguins who are unhappy that the heart, skull and flower emotes have been removed. Many penguins are speculating that Disney was the reason behind this change too. The Club Penguin developer blog had stated that the flower emote would be back today, along with some other new emotes. But that has not happened yet.

Why so many problems with the servers? Why so many changes? No one knows yet for sure but one thing is certain… there’s a lot of penguins mad at Disney and a lot of penguins that are mad that the game is not working well anymore.

Lime310 at the dock protest on Mammoth

Later Meepers


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4 Responses to “BIG PROTEST on Club Penguin!!”

  1. frosty1297 Says:

    well its true there messing it up

  2. rewdewaa Says:

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i think its disneys fault im a beta tester and ive never seen anyting like that before!

  3. dieg01 Says:


    Lime310’s response::

    Hi Dieg01!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. forest 872 Says:

    yeah there was a big war between the acp and the romans when the servers crashed it ended

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