Servers Crashing on Club Penguin!

On December 6th the Disney logo was added to the start page of Club Penguin. Surprising as this was, what was even more surprising is how often the server freezes up while you’re online now! While playing last night, some friends and I had to keep logging off and logging on over and over again because our screen would freeze and we could not move or type. Finally it was just too much so we quit playing!!

Not sure what exactly is happening or why this is happening, but a lot of penguins are noticing and complaining about it!! And it sure makes it hard to have fun on Club Penguin.

Here’s a few photos that show what it looked like on my screen when the server froze. I’m showing you so you know what it is if it happens to you.

Here I was editing my penguin…

Lime310 server froze up on club penguin

Here the screen turned black completely… pretty freaky!

Lime310 club penguin crashed my browser

One things for sure, Club Penguin has changed forever and right now it’s not for the better! Let’s hope for improvement and some words from the developers telling us what’s really going on.

In other news, I’m sure you already know that the new clothing catalog came out. There’s a lot of fun new clothing and some old stuff too, like the elf costume. I was surrounded by elves at the dock on Mammoth this morning… crazy!!

Lime310 and elves at the dock on mammoth server

In addition to the new clothes, the red guitar is hidden in the catalog again. The new pin is a holly leaf and berry. Have fun finding it and getting some of the new stuff to wear!

Later Meepers!!


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One Response to “Servers Crashing on Club Penguin!”

  1. Redmilo Says:

    Idk if Disney is to blame, but I’m not too happy of what they did on the home screen. I had to logg off countless times too, you might have noticed that. Lets just hope this doesnt continue =\

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