Club Penguin Christmas Party… ROCKS!


The Christmas Party on Club Penguin this year rox! Just about every major area has been changed to have holiday theme buildings and decorations! One of my favorite areas is the Forest. Train tracks and bridges have been added and are rolling through the wilderness there. And there’s a new mini village set up in the center.

Did you catch the trains that are “hidden” and run on the tracks? To get them to come out of hiding, click on any of the train tracks where they start or end; you’ll hear a train whistle sound and then a train comes rollin’ out on the tracks. Here’s what it looks like with the trains rollin’… AWESOME!


Also, check out the antique lanterns that have been added around town. If you click on the “lantern” on top of any of the posts they turn on. Yet another cool gem hidden by the guys who design Club Penguin… they rock!

The “free items” available at the party are the “christmas scarf” at the Ski Village, and the “reindeer antlers” at the Dock. The first day the antlers were out, there were a bunch of penguins who turned into “reindeer” and were pulling the Santa Sleigh that’s at the cove. Very lol…


Looks like this party will continue right up until the New Year, and this week’s newspaper promised even more surprises before it’s over, so hurry on to be a part of history at Club Penguin Christmas Party 2007!!!

Later Meepers!!



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2 Responses to “Club Penguin Christmas Party… ROCKS!”

  1. tails6000 Says:

    hey its me tails6000 how r u?

    Lime310’s response:

    hey tails6000!! getting ready to have a rockin’ new year…hope u r too!!
    meep meep!

  2. tails6000 Says:

    i am too wich it was right now!!!!!!!!!! well have a good year

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