Club Penguin Theater :: Secrets!!


The Stage at Club Penguin has a new production called THE TWELFTH FISH – CLASSIC POETRY IN OCEAN. Besides that whole area of the plaza being decorated for the holidays, there’s some pretty cool stuff hidden inside on the stage!

All the scenery on the stage has been changed for the new show and there is a new script. The stage is split up into two sides like last time. On the left is a daytime ocean scene with a blue sky, sun and clouds and on the right is a night time garden scene. I wish they made that blue water carpeting so I could put it in my igloo!! This is what it looks like:

club penguin stage

Click on the “moon” that’s in the sky on the garden side… you get a pizza!

club penguin pizza secret

Now click on the clouds and the sun and watch what happens! You get a yellow puffle for the sun, a hydro-hopper tube, bag of coffee beans and fluffy the mullet instead of the clouds!!

club penguin secret stage

Have fun changing everything around and don’t forget to show all your friends! It’s awesome!!

Oh, and I almost forgot, the “wild” yellow puffle that’s loose in the theater is still there. If you click on the two-puffles at the top of the stage, it will pop up in either the right or left side balcony.

Later Meepers!!


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