Club Penguin Rocking New Year!

New Year’s Eve was an awesome night on Club Penguin! It didn’t much matter what server you were on, every time it turned midnight somewhere on Earth penguins everywhere were shouting out “Happy New Year!!” and wishing their fellow penguins peace, fun, happiness!

So many penguins were talking and wishing a Happy New Year to each other at the same time, and the comments were popping up so quickly, it was like watching fireworks!!

In case you didn’t get a chance to be there, here’s a photo taken at the Dock on New Year’s Eve… are you in there anywhere?


Hope everyone has a GREAT 2008!!!

Later Meepers!!!


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One Response to “Club Penguin Rocking New Year!”

  1. Redmilo Says:

    I wasn’t there ;_;
    oh well, my meep year was great anyway

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