Join the MEEP Around Club Penguin!

Ever since the New Year on Club Penguin arrived there have been MEEP PARTIES popping up all around the island! Penguins all around the island have been in a mood to celebrate, have fun and have a great time MEEPIN’!! I’ve run into some cool Meepers doin’ their own meep thing on different servers and all different times of day! Like this line of Meepers at the dock…Wow! Now there’s a whole lot of meepin’ goin’ on!!!


More fun MEEPs…


MEEPs take a bow…

Lime310 Meep Bow

If you haven’t tried joining a MEEP PARTY yet, it’s not too late. We have MEEP PARTIES year round on Club Penguin and any penguin is welcome to join the party anytime!! Better yet, if you don’t see a MEEP PARTY goin’ on anywhere, go ahead and start your own! It’s really easy… all you have to do is MEEP!!

Later Meepers!! Have fun!


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4 Responses to “Join the MEEP Around Club Penguin!”

  1. munky101 Says:

    Your such an “All Star Meeper” 🙂
    You Rock !!!!!
    Your tacos ROCK !!!!!
    Your just so AWESOME !!!!!!
    Cant wait to “MEEP” with you !!!! 🙂
    Your “Meep Girl” Munky 🙂

  2. redmilo Says:

    whoa! sweet pics!
    I have never seen so many meeps before =O
    its like an….
    …empire! (not in a bad way, if yeh know what I mean) 😉
    I hear TONS of people meeping nowadays, even if their just muttering it to themselves. Lets just hope this “empire” doesn’t hit rocky ground…
    even if, we all know meep is a good thing =)

  3. madammusic4cp Says:

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  4. pinkie2511 Says:

    hey lime cool website lol
    lol bye

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