Club Penguin – NEW Aqua Grabber Game! (How to get the Golden Ship Wheel Pin)

The new mini-game Aqua Grabber was released today on Club Penguin! Your penguin gets into the Aqua Grabber built by Gary the Gadget Guy and you have to retrieve five (5) missing parts of Rockhopper’s Migrator Ship from the crash site underwater. The entrance to the game is located on the iceberg. Overall the new game is a lot of fun. But be prepared, it’s very slow moving and it will take some patience and time to get all the pieces of the ship recovered. Stick with it and you’ll be able to do it!!

Here are some pics from the game. It’s pretty easy to find all the parts. Once you find a part, you have to pick it up with the claw of the Aqua Grabber and put it into the net that’s floating near the surface of the water.

aqua grabber

The one that was the hardest to find was Rockhopper’s Journal. To find it, first go all the way to the bottom then all the way to the right. You will see a very narrow chamber in the ice that you will have to go up and into. In there you will find Rockhopper’s Journal. Be careful and go slow so you don’t bump the sides of the Aqua Grabber and crash it!

rockhopper journal

Throughout the game, you have to make sure that the Aqua Grabber has enough air. It is powered by air bubbles. You can replentish your air by taking the Aqua Grabber up to the top of the water. There are also some large air bubble vents at the bottom that have giant size air bubbles coming out of them. Here’s a pic of the giant air bubble that you have to catch…

giant air bubble aqua grabber air bubble club penguin

Here is one of the vents on the bottom where the giant air bubble comes out of. All you have to do is let a giant air bubble touch the Aqua Grabber and the chamber fills back up inside with air. When you see water rising inside of the glass top of the Aqua Grabber… head for some air before it fills all the way with water; you will lose a life and a ship if it does!

club penguin aqua grabber air vent

When you’ve collected all the missing parts of the ship, this is the animation that comes on to the screen.

aqua grabber game club pengin end of game animation you win

At the end of the game, a window opens that says YOU WIN!! Be sure to wait for all the animation to load. When it does, you will be able to click on and receive a special GOLDEN SHIP WHEEL PIN.

golden ship wheel pin on club penguin aqua grabber game prize

The pin gets added to your inventory and you can then wear it on your player card just like any other pin. Here’s what the pin looks like on my player card:

GOLDEN SHIP WHEEL PIN hidden item on club penguin

Have fun playing and post your comments here about what you think of the new game!! How many times did you have to play the game to get the pin? I was lucky and did it on my first try!!

Later Meeps!

~ Lime310 ~

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3 Responses to “Club Penguin – NEW Aqua Grabber Game! (How to get the Golden Ship Wheel Pin)”

  1. redmilo Says:

    ehhh… soory, I haven’t commented here for awhile so I kinda gave my thoughts on this.
    (red owes you a bunny and a pancake -_-‘)

  2. lime310 Says:

    Well, better be a cute bunny then… and make sure the pancakes are nice and fluffy too. ; )

  3. mohd222 Says:

    hey lime meep! Long time no see! Say hi to munky too!
    check my site =)

    hey mohd! ya long time for sure… guess you’re not playing the game much anymore.
    hey, i’m not into ppl advertising on here…but I think everyone knows that if you have
    your own site that they can click on your name or icon and get to it! So if you have
    something to say post away. thanks!
    hope you’re having fun!!
    ~ Lime ~

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