Hi, I’m Lime310

Well, as far as Penguins go that’s who I am and I’m a member of Club Penguin!

I’m here to share tips and tricks with you about playing Club Penguin so you can have more fun! This site has information about hidden items, rare items, tricks, parties and more. It’s not the same stuff you’ll find in the Club Penguin newspaper every week or on anyone else’s site. I hope you’ll find some stuff here that helps you and makes the game more fun!

I really like playing Club Penguin and have a lot of buddies. My buddy list is full but I hang out with a lot of buddies just by going to the same server around the same time! My buddies call me “Lime” because you can’t type numbers in to the chat anymore.

I’m at the Mammoth server and I hang out mostly at the Dock or in Town. It’s easy to find me because we like to get a “MEEP” dance going and it’s a lot of fun. I’m not going to tell you what “MEEP” is but it’s a lot of fun. And you can join in anytime you see me online. I hope you do because it’s soooo much fun!

Other stuff about Lime310…
I have a castle igloo. I like it because it’s like a big stage and a lot of fun to decorate. Since Rockhopper was just in town, it still has a Pirate Theme. There are a lot of Puffle Pirate Flags hanging on the walls along with many, many other rare items from Rockhopper. I’ll try to keep my igloo on the map when I’m online so you can visit.

Did you get the water waves furniture item when Rockhopper was visiting? Well, you probably already noticed that you can set the waves to face left or right by using the left or right arrow keys on your keyboard while clicking on and holding the item while editing your igloo. But did you know that you can also make a SHARK FIN appear by using the “up” arrow or disappear again by using the “down” arrow??!!

Here’s a pic of my igloo…

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There are three puffles that live in my igloo. Spud, a blue puffle, Scuba, a pink puffle and Surfy, a red puffle. Spud was the first puffle I ever adopted. I adopted him before I became a member of Club Penguin! He’s a good family pet. Scuba is a fly dancer and comes along when I go out in town to dance and have fun with my friends. Surfy joins me when I play “Catchin’ Waves” and is a really great surfer!

Have fun on Club Penguin!!


– –  Lime310 – –

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7 Responses to “Hi, I’m Lime310”

  1. munky101 Says:

    Hi Lime !!! Kool Site !!! I really enjoy the Meep partys. Meep Meep !!!!!

  2. hitlars Says:

    nicely done dude.
    Keep it up.

  3. thefulla Says:

    Lime coooooool site!! 😀 Plz aadd me to urr blogroll i have added u on mine! 🙂

    Lime310 response::

    Sorry Fulla…. my blogroll is FULLA

    My buddy list has an opening though… hmmm
    maybe if you see me online sometime you can send a buddy request.

  4. lime310 Says:

    Oops, sorry The Fulla… all the lists are FULLA… just like you!!

    Get ur MEEP on with us sometime at a Meep Party!! LOL!


  5. miss tipsy/ son of matthew Says:

    haha nice site. what does meep meep mean? well i g2g eat dinner bye!

    Lime310 response::

    Hi miss tipsy/son of matthew! Thank you!!!

    “MEEP” can mean anything you want it to mean…
    it can be “Meep a roni and cheese” or you can
    “Just Meep It”

    Just use your imagination and have fun with it!

    More than anything… MEEP is about having more
    fun on Club Penguin. So join a MEEP PARTY sometime
    on Mammoth server in USA.

    Everyone is welcome and you can join us anytime!


  6. miss tipsy/ son of matthew Says:

    i just became a member like 1 week ago. i have every puffle including the yellow one! here they are!

    yellow: lemon
    blue: bluecutie
    red: redhottie
    green: lime
    pink: tinkerbell

  7. mohd222 Says:

    Hey there! Cool post =) , Pls comment bak on our site me and chewy pup! thx!
    ~chewy mohd~ The mohderators 😉

    Lime310 response::

    Thanks Mohd!!


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